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15 Smart Organization Hacks for Back to School

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Kids aren’t the only ones who need to be organized to be successful at school — parents need to be organized too. These easy organization hacks started at the beginning of the school year are sure to reduce back to school stress for the entire family!*

1.     Before you run out to purchase new school supplies for your child, do a quick search of your home for unused supplies from last year.

2.     Use a Homework Caddy or bin for school supplies that can remain on a table or shelf so it’s easy to find and clean up. Use containers for supplies like crayons, pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, etc., include paper, scissors, glue sticks, highlighters, etc.

3.     Carry a small set of school supplies in your car (pens, pencils, sharpener, glue stick, scissors, etc.) for last minute homework help. Include spare chargers, batteries, etc.

4.     Create a Homework Station in a quiet, well-lit area where kids can work. Organize tools and supplies in bins and color-code them if you have more than one child. Use labels on bins and containers. Include daily checklists. Consider creating a divider with foam core to prevent distractions.

5.     Create a Backpack Organization Center where kids can hang their backpacks (or store in a cubby) when they arrive after school and find them in the morning.

6.     Start a supplies stash on a shelf or in a cupboard with supplies like posterboard, markers, index cards, printer paper, printer ink, etc.

7.     Create a Homework Box for each child. Choose a plastic bin with a lid to store notebooks, paper, stapler, tape, pens, crayons, markers, calculator, flashcards, folders, etc. Use smaller containers to house small items like paper clips and erasers, and place everything in the homework box. This will keep everything in one place and make it easy to put everything away after homework is done.

8.     Use a dry-erase board or wall calendar to show all of the family’s activities at a glance.

9.     Create a fun checklist for young children with a morning and bedtime schedule and display on the wall.

10.  For older children use a week-at-a-glance planner and have them check the planner for homework assignments. When an assignment is complete, they can check off the “to-do”, and place related books/sheets back in their bag so nothing is forgotten.

11.  For reminders you can’t forget (like signing a permission slip) use sticky notes and place them on the door where you can’t miss them.

12.  Use a file box or cabinet drawer to file school papers throughout the year. Color code it for each child. You can also use this to file reference materials that the kids will need later.

13.  Have an inbox just for you. Papers that require a parent’s signature, correspondence, volunteer sign-up forms, etc. should be separated from your children’s assignments.

14.  Include a large plastic envelope in your child’s backpack for loose papers that often get lost at the bottom of the backpack.

15.  Use reusable storage bags for snacks with a different color for each child to reduce confusion.


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GoodHousekeeping.com: “40 A+ Back-to-School Organization Ideas That Are Worth a Try


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