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History and Overview of Plastic Box Manufacturer Alpha Rho

building1Alpha Rho was founded in 1965 by Alvan Tall who had previously spent 18 years working in corporate management for the Foster Grant Company, a major manufacturer of sunglasses and novelty items.

Initially, Alpha Rho was involved in custom molding. Several small air operated machines were purchased and Alpha Rho began molding small precision parts. Some of these early products were made for the medical, computer, aerospace, and toy industries.

“…largest plastic box manufacturer in New England…”

boxAs the business grew larger, more sophisticated machines were purchased and additional customers were added. Products molded at the time included many houseware items, for Sterilite and Gotham Industries, and hair accessories made by Goody Hair Products. In the 1970s, a line of friction fit plastic boxes (boxes with a separate lid and bottom) became available which started the shift to proprietary items. While not physically attached to the box, the lids on friction fit boxes fit so tightly and securely that it takes a conscious effort/some force for the lid to come off of this type of storage box with lid. The plastic box with detached lid was simply an attractive and affordable rigid package customers could use to display their products, gifts, and party favors. Having a reputation as a reliable and quality conscious manufacturer, custom work was still a part of the business and Hasbro, RJ Reynolds and Stanley Hardware were added to the list of satisfied customers.

During the 1980s, a line of hinged plastic boxes (flip top plastic boxes) was purchased to complement the already successful popular line of friction fit boxes. The new plastic container line offered customers additional choices for clear plastic boxes, i.e., boxes with tops that are hinged. Over the years, many molds have been built to suit the needs of customers who knew of Alpha Rho’s reputation and requested a specific application not present in the plastic packaging line.

“…a reliable and quality conscious manufacturer…”

trayDuring the past decade, additional items have been added to the line of plastic boxes and Alpha Rho continues to further expand into both the small plastic box and large plastic box markets. Alpha Rho now has a wide range of plastic compartment storage boxes to suit the hobby, confectionery, electronics, hardware, and medical/dental (dental apparatus) industries and is now the largest plastic box manufacturer in New England. Other plastic packaging products now include a line of plastic trays, stationary items and houseware products. Hot stamping and pad printing services have been added that have allowed Alpha Rho to offer customized plastic packaging services to its many customers who represent the cosmetic, mineralogical, scientific, craft, and pharmaceutical industries.

In the year 2000, the company moved to its present location at 99 Stevens Road, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The new facility offers 36,000 square feet of production, warehousing and post-production space.

During the 90-day transition into our new building, we continued to meet our customers’ needs for standard plastic packaging and custom plastic packaging with zero delivery interruptions. Our goal was to begin production in the new plant on July 15th, and that goal was accomplished. Who and Where We Serve While headquartered in North Central Massachusetts, our plastic box company serves individuals and organizations throughout the U.S., as well as abroad. We greatly appreciate the orders for our plastic boxes we receive from MA businesses and residents in the Greater Boston, Greater Worcester, Greater Lowell, Pioneer Valley and Berkshires areas who want to shop fairly locally and buy plastic containers made in MA, as well as those we receive from individuals and organizations residing throughout Northeast U.S. and the United States who want to purchase clear plastic boxes or custom plastic boxes made in New England or made in the U.S.

Beyond the Boxes

recycleThe quality of our product is very important, but beyond the boxes, we are also deeply committed to the environmental and social issues concerning the world and our communities. To do our part, we recycle whenever possible, and use aerosols that contain no harmful CFC’s. Alpha Rho is ozone friendly. We’re also dedicated to helping the people within our own community. We support the neighborhood center which provides services to the disadvantaged children. We are also proud to employ a diverse, dedicated, and quality minded team of employees.