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Alpha Rho Inc. Increases Plastic Box Selection

FITCHBURG, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 8, 2006–New England’s largest plastic box manufacturer, Alpha Rho Inc., has increased its stock mold inventory to more than 30 through the acquisition of molds developed by M & L Plastics of Easthampton, Mass. The new molds include proprietary shapes for five different box types – hinged, compartment, friction-fit, round and heart-shaped. Many are one-of-a-kind, resulting from custom development.

Alpha Rho’s rigid polystyrene containers are used for crafts, jewelry, gifts, candies, hardware, sporting goods, industrial applications and more. The newly acquired molds include such unusual shapes as beveled corners and octagons – shapes that would stand out on retailers’ shelves.

A greater inventory of existing molds holds cost advantages for box users, says Sales Manager David Tall. “Customers have more chances of finding what they need without the time and expense of developing a new mold,” Tall says. “Packaging plays a huge role in a product’s marketability. A wider selection of boxes offers users more ways to obtain shelf space, increase sales and reduce spoilage.”

Alpha Rho Inc. is a 40-year-old, environmentally conscious, just-in-time supplier of rigid plastic boxes, trays, cutlery and decorative items. For samples, catalogs and order requirements, please visit www.alpharho.com or phone Sales Manager David Tall at 978-345-6717.