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Rigid Plastic Boxes with Lids for Jewelry and Candy

Upgrading Opportunities for Your Candy and Jewelry Packaging As we make our way to the one-year mark of the global pandemic, we find ourselves celebrating holidays differently during lockdown. According to the Nation Retail Federation, even in a pandemic, we spent over a whopping 28.1 billion dollars for Valentine’s Day. People were willing to invest, despite the changes to the holiday season. Lots of companies are wondering how to promote and enhance holiday spirit, and make

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Rigid Plastic Boxes as Suitable Storage Solutions in Dental and Orthodontics

Dependable and Durable Boxes Provide Ease of Mind for Dentists and Orthodontists All medical industries require reliable and safe products for equipment, implants, and more, and the dental and orthodontics industry is no exception. An article written by the American Dental Association (ADA) speaks of concerns about the bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis and its role in some systemic diseases and conditions. The Mayo Clinic tells us that oral health is a window to our overall health. Clearly, cleanliness and

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Rigid Plastic Boxes: Make This Halloween Special

How Rigid Plastic Boxes Will Protect Your Costumes and Treats this Halloween While holidays and events may look different this year, that doesn’t mean the desire to make the most out of the current situation has decreased. Instead, according to an article by CNN, Halloween displays have been put out early in many supermarkets and stores. Some candy manufacturers are dressing fewer treats in Halloween-specific packaging and putting a greater focus on family-sized packs for

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Showcase Your Product in Star-Shaped Rigid Plastic Boxes

Celebrate July 4th with Your Own Stars and Stripes While this summer might look different from ones we’ve seen in the past, July 4th will still be a cause for celebration, whether you’re meeting people virtually or spending the day in your backyard with family. If you need to protect products through the hot months or you want to ward off moisture and airflow from your edible products, Alpha Rho has a number of rigid plastic

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Is Polystyrene the Better Choice?

Polystyrene Is an Environmentally Conscience Choice Among Plastics Protecting our environment has always been important, and many people are becoming more conscious of their choices in consumerism and quality. An emphasis is being placed on higher quality items that last a long time and can be repurposed, in contrast to something meant for single-use and cheaper. At Alpha Rho, we work with general-purpose polystyrene to produce our large assortment of rigid plastic boxes—the kind of plastic

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The Impact of Coronavirus on the Plastics Industry

How Will the Spread of the Virus Impact China’s Economy and Trade? China has become an economic powerhouse over the past several years, so concerns over reports of cities shutting down, the number of victims rising, and concerns over economic impact are quickly rising. According to an article by Time, China is the world’s largest manufacturer, and imports more crude oil than any other country. China was the United States’ largest supplier of goods in 2018, including

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Rigid Plastic Boxes: Protecting Your Product for Valentine’s Day

Ensuring Your Product Is Protected for the Important Occasions Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to make your product look amazing while protecting it from the damage it can receive while on display. Many businesses find that rigid plastic boxes provide exceptional protection while creating a beautiful display that doesn’t hide their product’s outstanding appearance. From initial packaging to final display and delivery to the end client,

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Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Plastic Box Packaging

Better Branding Through Custom-Printed Plastic Boxes Whether you’ve made spontaneous personal purchasing decisions in a grocery store check-out line, or given a lot of thought to a product before you pick it off the shelf in the aisle, you’ve likely been influenced by its packaging. Each year, large companies spend millions of dollars, not just on their product packaging, but on how that packaging affects the long-term branding of the products they contain. We’ve all

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Raw Material Costs Impacting the Plastic Packaging Industry Projected to Further Increase

Extended Outages at AmSty and SABIC Causing Styrene Spot Price Increases Manufacturers of plastic packaging have been faced with a dramatic increase in the price of polystyrene since the fourth quarter of 2016, which achieved an all-time high in February. Price increases over the past few months have included a 5 cents per pound increase in December, an 8 cent increase in February, and most recently a 15 cents per pound increase in March. The

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