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Rigid Plastic Boxes as Suitable Storage Solutions in Dental and Orthodontics

Dependable and Durable Boxes Provide Ease of Mind for Dentists and Orthodontists

All medical industries require reliable and safe products for equipment, implants, and more, and the dental Alpha Rho's Rigid Plastic Boxes for Dentists and Orthodontistsand orthodontics industry is no exception. An article written by the American Dental Association (ADA) speaks of concerns about the bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis and its role in some systemic diseases and conditions. The Mayo Clinic tells us that oral health is a window to our overall health. Clearly, cleanliness and proper hygiene and maintenance matter at a personal level, and in professional settings such as dental offices. Whether it’s dentures, retainers, or cleaning instruments, any given office will have fragile equipment or products that need to be protected, maintained, and properly stored.

Alpha Rho’s rigid plastic boxes are FDA approved and provide a clean and transparent storage solution that makes it easy to find necessary equipment and sort small items. Boxes can be branded or labeled easily, adding a professional touch to your storage solutions.

Our boxes offer secure closures and durable packaging, and because these boxes can be easily sanitized and are made of rigid plastic material, they can be reused as needed or provided as a take-home storage solution for patients. There is also the option of adding foam pads, providing additional protection for the more delicate dental fixtures.

Alpha Rho offers a number of products that can fit the needs of your dental or orthodontics office. Our plastic hinged boxes (#21 and #44, to be exact) have already been utilized in this industry and are available today!

Alpha Rho Box #21 Alpha Rho Box #44


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