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Small, Clear Hinged Boxes are Perfect for School Arts and Crafts

If your business sells supplies for school arts and crafts projects, then clear plastic boxes are the perfect option across various purposes for your customers.

They’re versatile, durable, easy to see inside, and can be customized for their own project! Or the supplies students use for most school arts and crafts are easily organized, protected, and transported within these containers. And at Alpha Rho, we have small plastic boxes catering to school projects for all ages.

Toddlers and preschoolers will especially love the assortment of different shapes, while older kids and teenagers can choose function over form with a clear plastic box with lid that is perfect for art supplies and materials. So, when you offer small, clear plastic boxes to your customers, it’s best to have several options available.

Let’s explore five reasons small, clear plastic boxes are perfect for school arts and crafts.

Creative Designs for All Occasions

To celebrate special occasions, parents or schools often engage in arts and crafts projects with young kids. And when it comes time to display their project or another present, parents will love these versatile containers.

But small plastic boxes are more flexible than solely storing or displaying creative designs; they can also double as their own decorative gift! Parents and grandparents will love to receive hand-decorated containers they can use for holidays. For instance, large, heart-shaped gift boxes can be used to design or present crafts for occasions such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

However, these gift boxes don’t just apply to one-off occasions. Kids can make heart-shaped and other crafts anytime for their siblings, friends, or relatives. And the small, clear plastic boxes are much easier than larger options for their smaller hands to work with when bringing crafts to life.

Craft Displays at School Fairs

School fairs are exciting for kids, teachers, and parents. This is the opportunity for the kids to show off what they worked on for their arts and crafts projects. Whether for transportation or display, clear plastic boxes are perfect—parents no longer have to worry about stepping too heavily on the brakes and scattering projects around the trunk or backseat. And when you arrive at the venue, display setup is as easy as it gets.

But for these projects to remain fun for all participants, the small clear boxes used should accommodate the various age or school grade preferences. For instance, pre-teens and teenagers may choose to work on more intricate projects requiring larger displays, whereas younger kids may require less space for theirs.

And, for large arts and crafts school displays, the plastic boxes displaying the crafts must be transparent and clear enough to view their art. That way, attendees can fully appreciate the overall beauty of the displayed crafts. Or you can make a platform from a square box. Plastic will be strong enough to support the project sitting atop it.

In both instances, you can anticipate customers’ preferences (whether the school’s or parents’) by stocking a few sizes and shapes to accommodate different students.

Storage of Arts and Crafts Supplies

Small, clear plastic boxes are not just for displays of school arts and crafts projects. They can also help store smaller or more delicate supplies that could easily get lost or damaged. And a personal plastic box for storing materials (short or long term) during a school arts and crafts project is likely to increase learners’ interest in working on and completing the project.

Children are often hard enough to keep engaged. But by storing their supplies based on color, shape, or size preferences, the learners tend to feel more ownership of the projects they are working on—and are more likely to complete them.

Of course, it also becomes much easier for school-age learners to organize and store supplies for their arts and crafts projects when the small, hinged boxes have compartments. And with the lid shut, they’re easy for school-age children to carry around when working on their craft designs.

Your customers can use small plastic boxes with hinged lids to store supplies such as:

  • Pins
  • Markers, colored pencils, and crayons
  • Stickers
  • Watercolor paints or brushes
  • Glue
  • Safety scissors

When sealed shut, the clear, rigid material used to manufacture these small plastic boxes with lids protects students from being harmed by any sharp supplies like pins. For instance, if a student tries hurriedly grabbing a box from a pile of items, the sealed one will certainly be safer to handle.

As a business selling small plastic boxes, you’d also want to ensure that kids who use or play with them during arts and crafts projects remain safe. At Alpha Rho, every plastic box we manufacture is thoroughly inspected prior to packaging and shipping to minimize safety risks.

Robust Construction for Transporting Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts projects are recurring activities that will happen each school year. So, most schools or parents will be interested in purchasing clear plastic boxes that are durable and can meet the needs and rough treatment of school-age learners.

Any small, clear boxes you use to transport arts and crafts projects should be strong enough to hold its contents’ weight without falling apart. Walking into a school fair with a painstakingly assembled project only for the box to break and the art to hit the floor sounds like a bad sitcom scene.

Our rigid plastic packaging is strong and durable but still beautifies crafts displays and does not impact their overall presentation. Alternatively, our clear, round plastic containers with lids can hold several small crafts without compromising the artistic beauty of the craft display.

The highest demand for small, clear plastic boxes will likely be in the Fall to align with the start of school. However, parents and schools will still need them during seasons when children are working on their school arts and crafts projects. Some schools might also be interested in purchasing these boxes in bulk to ensure a ready supply—especially if arts and crafts supplies are passed out at the beginning of class and collected at the end.

Clear Plastic Boxes Can Be Branded or Customized

Some customers might also request small, clear plastic boxes with logos or other types of branding (e.g., schools, businesses, sports teams)

For instance, some schools might prefer to custom label all their arts and crafts supplies before students can use them to maintain organization. Others might choose to label bulk orders of boxes with the specific school grades that will be using these supplies to differentiate them from one another.

Moreover, parents (especially of homeschoolers) might also choose to customize the clear plastic boxes they order to differentiate among siblings.

The possibilities for the customization of clear plastic boxes are endless when you supply them to customers as a wholesaler or retailer.

Choose AlphaRho for Clear Plastic Boxes

Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler of small, clear plastic boxes for school arts and crafts, your clients will likely depend on you to decide which ones best meet their needs. At AlphaRho, we manufacture high-quality plastic boxes that enhance the beauty of any artistic display.

By leveraging our expertise in plastic manufacturing, we ensure every box meets the highest quality standards and grabs your customers’ attention. Our specialists can walk you through the various rigid plastic boxes we offer and which ones will attract customers.

Contact us to learn more about our range of plastic products.


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