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Tarina Tarantino Displays Fashion Accessories in Massachusetts’ Plastic Company’s Plastic Boxes

Fitchburg, MA (April 7, 2010) Massachusetts’ plastic manufacturer, AlphaTarinaRho Incorporated is now supplying world famous design and accessory company, Tarina Tarantino , with polystyrene boxes to package some of Tarina Tarantino’s decorative jewelry and hair accessories. The accessories, including a seven inch bracelet features Lucite beads in one of Tarantino’s signature colors, can be found nicely displayed in Alpha Rho’s polystyrene 3X 3 X 1 5/8 clear box. According to David Tall, President of Alpha Rho, “Tarina Tarantino chose to work with Alpha Rho because of the specific size requirement and the crystal clear plastic box that protects the jewelry within, while allowing the consumer to easily view the product inside.”

Tarina Tarantino was founded in 1995 by Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos. Tarina Tarantino inventive and creative fashion accessories are sold all over the world. Tarina has designed accessories for celebrities and her designs have appeared in major fashion magazines and many TV shows including Oprah, CNN and Access Hollywood. David Tall, president of Alpha Rho remarked that “Tarina gave my daughter a replica butterfly necklace that was worn by Jennifer Garner in ‘13 Going on 30’”

The fashion accessories packaged in Alpha Rho’s polystyrene box can be found in Sephora Cosmetic and Accessories Stores where the Tarina Tarantino brand is featured.

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