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The Advantages of Polystyrene Boxes when Gift Shopping

Stand Out Against the Competition with Gifts that Keep on Giving  

Who among us has not done some last-minute gift shopping? While finishing up your holiday or special event shopping, admit it, you’ve scurried up and down store aisles in search of the perfect gifts. Sometimes, all it takes is the right product packaging (all a part of good marketing) to nudge you toward the final choice. Rushed or not, making choices as a consumer is a common and shared experience.

clear polystyrene plastic box

We certainly have plenty of consumables to choose from! From whirring electronics and family valuables to tasty dessert treats, it is imperative that your product stands out against the competition. Often, the packaging of your product can either make or break a sale—and utilizing attractive, secure, and clear plastic packaging can make for a pleasant sales experience for you and your customers. Encasing your product in rigid, clear polystyrene plastic boxes is an excellent way to store, protect, and display your product. Let’s discuss a few ways you can utilize general-purpose polystyrene or crystal-clear plastic boxes.

A Techie’s Paradise!

Technology purchases are generally considered investments, and people want to take care of them as such. Techies can vary in interests and applications: professional needs, home office set-ups, gaming aficionados, home electronics buffs, parents managing a household—the list and combinations are endless. What they all have in common is a need to find what they need when they need it—both at the store and once home. In retail venues, leaving laptops, tablets, gaming devices, peripherals, etc. out in the open or in a cardboard box can result in costly damage. While on display, keep those expensive electronics securely fastened in clear plastic boxes and never worry about humidity, unwanted moisture, or even a tumble ruining them. You will not only send those tech lovers home with the latest gift, but also with the peace of mind that it will remain secure. Adding foam inserts for extra protection is a tangible value-add to packaging solutions.

Let it Shine!

Jewelry + time = tarnish. According to jewelrymakingjournal.com, Sulphur and airborne chemicals are actually the main cause of tarnish—but you get the picture. And, they add, “ … jewelry tarnishes much faster if it’s left out in the open than if it’s stored away in an acid-free, closed container.” People don’t buy shiny chains and precious gems only to watch them discolor and lose that beautiful shine. When it comes to displaying, packaging, and storing, jewelry requires special attention and handling. Displaying your jewels in polystyrene boxes that are naturally clear and can withstand environmental variations helps maintain the integrity of their beauty. Using boxes that can be printed on so you can include your brand logo or personalization will create a chic packaging your customers will love.

Chocolates, Cookies, Cakes … Oh, My!

The holidays always include food. It’s challenging to eat all of those edible gifts as quickly as you can while they are all still fresh and tasty! Best case scenario: encase your delicious holiday treats in general-purpose polystyrene boxes. General-purpose polystyrene is widely used within the food and confectionary industries because it is FDA compliant, odor resistant, and taste-free. Send your customers home with your freshly baked treats securely placed in attractive, durable, airtight, rectangular, or circular boxes.

Packaging Solutions for Your Business

Alpha Rho can help with all the above scenarios. Utilizing our general-purpose polystyrene rigid plastic boxes, no matter what business you’re in, will provide many advantages such as:

  • FDA compliant—non-toxic
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Low cost compared to other materials
  • Easy to paint, glue, and print on
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities

We are a hands-on company known for our agile response times and approachable customer service. Alpha Rho is the largest manufacturer of a wide assortment of stock and custom, clear polystyrene lid and hinged plastic boxes for handling, packaging, and storage applications in New England. Click here to request free samples of our clear polystyrene plastic boxes.