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10 Ways to Show Your Customers You Appreciate Them This Holiday Season

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It’s always a good practice to show customers you appreciate them throughout the year, but the Holidays are a great time to make them feel extra special. Here are 10 ways to show your customers you appreciate them this holiday season.

  1. Give them a gift. It can be just for shopping in your store during the Holiday season, or just for being a client. Branded swag is great for this, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Ideas include travel mugs or water bottles, calendars or planners, chocolates, etc. Or it can even be a coupon for a free cup of coffee at a nearby Starbucks or Dunkin.
  2. Hold a Customer Appreciation event or a Holiday Open House at your business. It could be for a day or a weekend, depending on your budget. Provide refreshments, a special discount or sale, a gift with purchase (see below), or a prize giveaway that customers can enter to win. Invite a musician to perform. Extra points if you make it a family-oriented event where kids can meet Santa and have their photo taken.
  3. Offer a gift with purchase. This tried-and-true retail tactic is great for making an impression on your customers. Choose an item that has high-perceived value (even if it was inexpensive to purchase) and set a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the gift.
  4. Give away a big prize for the holiday season. Encourage customers to enter to win a highly-desirable prize, such as a product or service from your business, or something generic like a TV or an iPad. Or give away a gift basket filled with smaller items. You can have customers enter at your business or online. (Tip: have them opt-in to receive your email newsletter on the entry form).
  5. Send a holiday greeting card with a hand-written thank you note. Include a small gift card or a special coupon.
  6. Provide a free upgrade or discount on a service you offer.
  7. Provide holiday coupons and special offers. Some ideas include: BOGO (buy one, get one); 25% off any purchase; $20 gift card when you spend $50 or more; pre-sale on a coveted item, etc.
  8. Send some goodies to your customers’ offices such as candies, cookies, fruit baskets, etc.
  9. Treat your customers to free refreshments while they shop.
  10. Offer free gift wrapping. Contact a local non-profit about providing volunteers in exchange for a donation.

Another way to show customers you appreciate them is to package your giveaways or edibles in our non-toxic, FDA-compliant plastic boxes. The best part is that they’re reusable, so they can keep the boxes and use them later for something else, adding even more value to the gift. Place your orders for the Holidays by November 30th to avoid delays.

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