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Satisfy Your Unique Product Needs with Rigid Plastic Boxes

Rigid plastic boxes serve many unique applications. Used by many for countless packaging solutions, these boxes come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, and lid types. Most commonly, rigid plastic boxes are used as an enhancement of product displays—providing a boost in aesthetic appeal while protecting any contents placed inside. They are a low-maintenance, re-usable, seamless extension of the products inside. Whether it be a gift, confectionary item, sports memorabilia, or party knickknack, plastic boxes are the perfect rigid packaging solution.

But how do I know which box is best for my product? We get this question all the time. It can be difficult to choose which plastic box is right for you—all the choices can get quite overwhelming. To help with this predicament, we’ve compiled a list of factors you need to consider that will help you order the ideal rigid plastic box for your precise storage, shipping, and showcasing needs.

  1. Lid Type and Design

alpha_friction-hingeThe first thing to consider before ordering your rigid plastic boxes is the lid type and design you want. There are three main categories to choose from:

  • Hinged – Hinged plastic boxes have their lids integrated into the box—ensuring the lid always stays connected. These boxes are great for storing important valuables (e.g., beads, jewelry, nuts, bolts, and other hardware
  • Friction Fit – Friction fit boxes involve a construction that has a complete separate cover and bottom. These boxes present a sleek look with the noticeable absence of hinges that some find unappealing. These boxes are great for applications where stacking and organization are the name of the game.
  • Compartment – Compartment boxes combine some of the best features of both friction fit and hinged boxes. These boxes have their own unique hinge design while staying compact to enable easy stacking and storage. The box is split up into sections and the design lends itself to supporting multiple products within one box. A great packaging solution for things such as candies, medication, jewelry, craft, and hardware.
  1. Size and Shape

Rigid plastic boxes come in an impressive range of sizes and shapes. From a 6 7/8″ x 5 1/2″ x 4″ 750ml hinged box large enough to display a professional baseball, to a 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5/8″ friction fit box perfect for small crafts and trinkets, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs.

The fun doesn’t stop there, the boxes also come in a huge variety of shapes. Square, rectangular, round, heart-shaped, treasure chest—you name it, we got it. With our large inventory of rigid plastic boxes, we can help you find the box that will fit your product with ease, while giving it the visual presence it deserves.AR-160409950.jpgcci_ts20160404114415

  1. Color

Once you’ve sorted out the size, design, and shape of box you desire, it becomes time for the fun part—colors! Sure, most of our plastic boxes are clear and colorless, but they certainly don’t have to be. When requested, we can make our final products completely opaque in a solid white or black, or a semi-transparent color of just about any color you could think of.

Opaque boxes provide a great printing surface, allowing you to put your messaging directly onto the box itself and still have it be readable. It also allows you to conceal contents when needed.

Boxes in semi-transparent colors open up a whole realm of creative possibilities. For one, it looks beautiful and is easy on the eye. As well, you now have the option to organize your product displays and various collections by color.

  1. Custom Logo?

Make your rigid plastic boxes truly your own by having your company logo, name, or various other messaging imprinted directly onto the box. This will add a branded experience and a touch of visual appeal to your boxes.

There are a few different imprinting methods available to choose from—from hot stamping to metallic foil—to match any specific brand color palettes. Whatever you want, just make sure to specify the details and submit your artwork when filling out your order.

And there you have it! All the important factors that go into selecting the perfect rigid plastic box for your products.

How Alpha Rho Can Help with Your Rigid Packaging Needs

As the largest manufacturer of high-quality rigid plastic boxes in New England, Alpha Rho has been a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic boxes, with a reputation for providing dependable plastic packaging solutions for over 50 years. Our custom rigid plastic boxes—compartment, hinged, friction fit, custom shapes—are used extensively in multiple industries, such as retail and hobby, food and confectionery, medical, and industrial. Contact us for recommendations, orders, and assistance finding the perfect look and fit for your products.

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