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Does Buying American Really Make a Difference?

With the pandemic, supply chain issues and more, there has been a renewed interest in buying American-made products. According to a survey by the Reshoring Institute, 69.4% of Americans prefer products that are made in the USA, and people would even be willing to pay 20% more for made in the USA products.  Here are 10 reasons to buy American-made products, with info from articles by KoozieGroupBlog.com and FromtheForest.com:

1. Buying American boosts the economy in numerous ways. Manufacturing in the US provides jobs for thousands of people. With more money being invested in American-made goods, the manufacturing sector will grow, which creates more jobs and generates more money back into the local economy. In fact, according to the Manufacturing Institute, every dollar in final sales of USA manufactured products supports $1.33 in output from other market sectors, which is great for economic development. Domestic manufacturing also benefits local economies through increased tax revenue and investments.

2. Promotes American independence and pride – Spending money on American-made products not only boosts the US economy, but demonstrates pride in our nation and our independence. The US has focused on trade agreements with other nations with the goal of receiving their goods at a lower rate. By ending our reliance on exports from other countries, we can take back our independence by supporting American manufacturers.

3. Supports future business investments – Manufacturing companies and the jobs they create have declined in the US for the past several years. Your purchasing decisions affect the balance of supply and demand. By increasing the demand for American-made products, you pressure companies to keep their manufacturing efforts inside the country. Buying American-made products gives domestic manufacturing a chance to regrow and provide jobs for future generations of workers. Unfortunately, once a product has been outsourced to a foreign country, in too many cases it will never again be manufactured in the US.

4. Lowers Trade and Budget Deficits – The US faces a trade deficit, which means, as a country we import more than we export. This leads to unsustainable borrowing and debts to other countries. Purchasing American-made products increases the demand for domestic products, which in turn creates more exports and jobs, and puts money back into the national budget.

5.  Decreased Transportation, Increased Sustainability – American-made products are frequently more environmentally-friendly than foreign products. This is because manufacturers must adhere to state and federal environmental regulations. Also, buying domestically reduces fuel and emissions because products have a much shorter journey from the manufacturer to you, and buying and shipping drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Manufacturers in the US operate by definitions outlined in the Clean Air Act while other countries have their own regulations that may be less stringent.

6. Good for the environment – American-made products come with the guarantee that the manufacturer meets domestic environmental standards including cleaner, renewable, and eco-friendly practices. From cleaner manufacturing practices to health and safety product regulations, American-made goods are a responsible and environmentally friendly option for consumers.

7. Speedy delivery – The benefit of being close to customers is speedy delivery, not having to rely on longer transit times from other countries.

8. More flexibility – Just-in-time manufacturing allows for less warehouse costs and the ability to drop ship easily to multiple locations. There is also more flexibility for smaller runs of customized products, or to push through larger orders that are needed quickly.

9. Safer labor laws and working conditions – When it comes to purchasing from companies with fair and safe conditions, you can’t beat buying American-made products. American regulations like child labor laws and OSHA regulations allow you to purchase products with peace of mind. Buying domestic also decreases the demand for foreign products that come from unsafe and unlawful conditions.

10. Quality standards you can trust – The US manufacturing industry has a history of excellence. Qualified workers, health and safety regulations, and other requirements result in high-quality products with high-quality components. Products made in the USA are known to be durable and reliable with superior craftsmanship. While shipments and import products can be monitored, there is no guarantee of the imported goods quality if they don’t have to comply with American standards.

Alpha Rho products are made in the USA in North Central Massachusetts

We’re proud to be an American manufacturer of plastic boxes headquartered in Fitchburg, MA! In fact, we’re the largest manufacturer of high-quality rigid plastic boxes in New England/Northeast US. Alpha Rho has been a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic boxes, with a reputation for providing dependable plastic packaging solutions for over 50 years. Our custom rigid plastic boxes —  compartment, hinged, friction fit, custom shapes – are used extensively in multiple industries, such as retail and hobby, food and confectionary, medical and industrial.

In keeping with the 8th item in our list above, we offer product customization, and often can accommodate rush orders – so never hesitate to ask. We make every effort to meet our customer’s unique needs.

We offer reliable service to meet your needs. You can check out our list of products here, or request samples today and experience the quality of Alpha Rho’s products first hand.