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Organize and Simplify Your Holidays with Compartment Plastic Boxes

Unique Gift Packaging Ideas for Everyone on Your List 

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re like most Americans, you’re probably scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. Shopping is never an easy task, especially when you have to account for a number of different personalities. As the days in December wind down, it’s not uncommon for you to feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted. Fear not, though—Alpha Rho has the quintessential contraption to help you satisfy all the special people on your list. Behold, the compartment plastic box—and all of the creative gifting solutions possible with its segregated design!

For the Accessory Freak

compbox-snowEveryone knows that one person with eccentric fashion tastes who’s able to mix and match different accessories into endless, fashionable combinations. For them, having a convenient and organized container to store all their jewelry and various other trinkets is a must. A rigid compartment plastic box from Alpha Rho is a great solution for those fashion-forward thinkers. The various compartments make it easy to group jewelry by color, size, material, or type—allowing for simple access and visual distinction. Rigid plastic boxes also help protect jewelry from degrading over time. Through sustained exposure, sulphur and other airborne chemicals can cause precious metals to tarnish. By storing jewelry in a compartment box, you will help keep your little fashion diva’s prized possessions protected from harmful environmental factors and keep them shining for years to come.

For the Sweet Tooth

The holidays are synonymous with baking creations, candy, and desserts galore. When it comes to delighting foodies, compartment plastic boxes offer a wide array of options to display tantalizing treats. The different sections of the box are perfect for arranging a variety of candies together—gum drops, chocolate colored pretzels, cookies, etc.—the possibilities are endless! Our compartment boxes are made out of general-purpose polystyrene, which is widely used within the food and confection industries due to its FDA compliance. Completely odor resistant and taste-free, these boxes are an excellent option to encase your festive edible gifts this year.

For the Fitness Buff

There are those­—believe it or not—who have the dedication and self-control to resist all the calorie-rich treats that the rest of us indulge in this time of year. To appeal to the structure this part of their lives requires, we have a good shopping tip for you! A compartment plastic box is the ideal stocking stuffer for the fitness buff in your life. These boxes are perfect for segregating and organizing multivitamins, creatine, and many other forms of fitness supplements—you can even label the compartments by day to create their own personal organizer. The GPPS materials and airtight lids that make up our boxes’ design not only keeps moisture out, they keeps moisture in as well—adding shelf life to fragile supplements, powders, and other consumables. Be conscious of the health freak in your family by gifting them something that will help contribute to their goals in the new year.

For the Do-it-Yourselfer

For the person who seems to be constantly be fixing something, a compartment plastic box can make a great tool kit for the smaller pieces of their repair arsenal. A perfect organizer for nails, screws, wall hangers, tacks, and any of the tiny little things that always seem to get misplaced—or worse, stepped on. The crystal-clear transparency of our boxes ensures all items are completely visible and accessible at all times, so the do-it-yourselfer can continue to be the hero every time something minor goes wrong.

Our compartment boxes have durable covers attached through the use of a sturdy hinge and feature a compact outline. Designed to last, these plastic boxes are effortlessly easy to stack and are a fantastic storage option for a variety of applications. We’re always amazed to hear all of the different ways our customers choose to utilize their boxes—and we’d love for you to reach out to us with more suggestions!

Alpha Rho also manufactures and distributes other forms of rigid plastic boxes— compartmenthingedfriction fit, custom shapes—which are used extensively in multiple industries, such as retail and hobby, food and confectionery, medical, and industrial. Contact us for recommendations, orders, and assistance finding the perfect look and fit for your products.