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11 Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Health

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After a long year of social distancing and working from home, people are happy to get outside and enjoy the outdoors this summer. Soaking up the sunshine and fishing near a beautiful pond, river or beach is a great way to enjoy nature. But did you know that there are many health benefits to fishing? Here are a few reasons to break out the fishing rod and cast a line this summer, even if you’re a newbie!

1. Being outdoors reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and lifts your mood. And being around water has a natural meditative effect on the mind. In fact, fishing therapy has helped people with anxiety, depression, and even PTSD.

2. Spending time outdoors in the sunshine provides a dose of vitamin D, which can boost your immune system and speed up healing. (But be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat).

3. Fishing improves concentration and patience. It has a mindful, meditative effect on the brain, which improves concentration and helps you focus.

4. Fishing produces feelings of achievement and self-fulfillment, which is positive for mental health. The feeling of rising to and achieving a challenge (catching fish) helps you reach a “flow state” which creates calm and fulfillment. It also boosts self-esteem.

5. The sound of the water and fish jumping is relaxing and enjoyable.

6. Fishing requires problem-solving skills. There are many reasons for why the fish are biting or not – location, time of day, the type of lure you’re using, etc. Making adjustments to your fishing strategy and figuring out the best fishing scenario is part of the experience.

7. Being in a fresh-air environment away from air-pollution helps the lungs and breathing. 

8. Fishing is great for bonding with friends and family and creates lasting memories, especially for children. The shared experiences are just as important as how many fish you catch. 

9. Fishing requires that you be present – unplugging from computers and smartphones is good for your mental health.

10. Fishing is great exercise, particularly if you walk a good distance to your fishing location.

11. Dinner! Fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for heart health and eyesight. Plus vitamins B-12 and D, protein, and good cholesterol are also found in fish.

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Store Your Fishing Tackle in Our Rigid Plastic Boxes

Alpha Rho’s high-quality rigid plastic boxes are perfect for storing fishing supplies like tackle. Choose from our assortment of compartment boxes with a unique hinge design. They’re compact to allow for easy stacking and storage. Compartment boxes are split up into sections and the design lends itself to supporting multiple products within one box. It’s a great packaging solution for fishing tackle and hardware that comes in a wide array of sizes. Hinged plastic boxes have their lids integrated into the box—ensuring the lid always stays connected.

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Alpha Rho has a minimum quantity of 150 pieces for small boxes, and turn-around is usually 2-3 days depending on the order. If your organization serves fishing enthusiasts – or if you’re simply looking for a gift to give out at an event for family and/or friends where there will be lots of fisher-people in attendance — our hinged compartment boxes make great giveaways. If the item is in stock and a small order, we can ship same day. Boxes are available in a variety of colors and imprinting is also available.

If you need help finding the right boxes for fishing, the experienced professionals at Alpha Rho are ready to help. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.


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