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Planning to Travel? Here are Some Tips to Make Packing Easier

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You have a vacation or a business trip coming up and it’s time to pack. Try these tips to make packing more efficient:

  1. Roll, don’t fold, your clothes – it’s the best way to prevent creases and make the most of space in your suitcase.
  2. Pack by outfit and group them on your bed first. This will help avoid forgetting an item.
  3. Choose travel-friendly fabrics.
  4. Place heavy items at the base
    of your suitcase.
  5. Avoid over or under packing.
  6. Organize your liquids in a separate clear bag so you can easily pass-through security at the airport.
  7. Keep important medications in your purse or carry-on.
  8. Bring two small laundry bags – one for dark clothes and the other for white clothes. You’ll have them separated and ready to load into the washer when you get home.
  9. Have a ready-to-go health kit in your bag with items like bandages, aspirin, etc..
  10. Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane so they don’t weigh-down your bag and take up too much space.
  11. Don’t travel with expensive jewelry.
  12. Pack a portable charger for your electronics.
  13. Use an expandable bag.
  14. Pack a fabric sheet in your bag to keep clothes smelling fresh.
  15. Use the space in your shoes to pack items that fit.
  16. Decorate your suitcase with ribbon, stickers or colorful shoelaces to make it easy to find on the luggage carousel.
  17. Consider using packing cubes to pack clothes.


A Better Solution for Packing Small Items When You’re Traveling

How many times has this happened to you? You pack a toiletry bag, cosmetic zip-up, jewelry pouch, and a backpack, and throw your small items in each one. After you’ve arrived, you spend too many minutes rummaging through your bags in search of the items you need. Some items seem to have disappeared through a mysterious “black hole” in your bag. One of your eye shadow containers was knocked open with the powdery contents all over the bottom of your bag. What a mess!

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Now think about how nice it would be to have all of your small items organized in clear rigid plastic boxes with lids from Alpha Rho. Make-up, shaving supplies, toiletries, jewelry, a sewing kit, work supplies like pens and paperclips, electronic charging cords, ear buds, you name it – organize it all and reach for the clear box when you need it. Everything is secure, easy to find and at your fingertips.

Here are just a few examples of how you can organize your travel supplies in our rigid plastic boxes:


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AR Toiletries viv


AR Elec Viv


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Office Supplies:



Alpha Rho’s clear rigid plastic boxes and containers come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for containing small items in our sturdy high-quality polystyrene plastic. Choose from hinged lids or friction fit, with or without compartments.


Receive Trip Planning Accolades

Whether you’re planning a work trip to train or reward your salesforce, a girls’ trip like a weekend-long bachelorette party, or a family road trip that includes your 21 nieces and nephews, you’ll be crowned trip planner extraordinaire when you order custom or standard boxes for all trip participants to use when packing.

Alpha Rho has a minimum quantity of 150 pieces for small boxes and turn around is usually a few days depending on the order.


Why Alpha Rho?

As the largest manufacturer of high-quality rigid plastic boxes in New England, Alpha Rho has been a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic boxes, with a reputation for providing dependable plastic packaging solutions for over 50 years. Our custom rigid plastic boxes – compartment, hinged, friction fit, custom shapes – are used extensively in multiple industries such as retail and hobby, food and confectionary, medical and industrial.

We offer reliable service to meet your needs. You can check out our list of products here, or request samples today and experience the quality of Alpha Rho’s products first hand.