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7 Ways Alpha Rho Supports the Environment

Earth Day 3

On Earth Day and every day, Alpha Rho is proud to practice sustainable measures to minimize our footprint and contribute responsibly to the environment and to our community. Whether it’s through recycling of our waste or utilizing “green power,” we’re doing our part to make a difference. How did we become one of the “greenest” plastic box manufacturing companies in New England? Here are 7 ways:

  1. We work with general-purpose polystyrene to produce our large assortment of rigid plastic boxes—the kind of plastic that is easily recyclable. Polystyrene is one of the best sortable plastics in the waste stream. With this type of hard plastic, we implement an internal recycling program to eliminate waste. Our materials are non-toxic and FDA compliant, so are safe for use with food products, though our products are not considered single-use containers (as they are not made of expandable foam materials).
  2. We implement an internal recycling program to eliminate 90% of our waste. Our polystyrene recycling process involves using a combination of prime resin (polystyrene) pieces and “scrap” pieces of polystyrene, called regrind. Regrind comes from the molding process and is excess material as the boxes are molded into shape. This post-industrial regrind is mixed in with the prime polystyrene and melted together into one product. This helps reduce waste while keeping the integrity of the polystyrene intact. See the moulding process here.
  3. To enhance our environmental impact, we partnered with local waste and recyclable materials companies that enable the recycling of corrugated cardboard boxes. We also recycle used machine oil to be used in the heating of a local business.
  4. Plastics help conserve resources. Using lightweight, durable, formable plastics, we minimize raw materials used, energy consumed, and waste generated.
  5. We reduce energy usage significantly through regular maintenance and replacement of our plant’s cooling system, insulation, lighting fixtures, roofing, and thermostats.
  6. We use renewable, resource-based materials in the manufacturing facility.
  7. We encourage employees to turn off or shut down idle processing equipment, lights, fans, air compressors, and other types of energy-consuming equipment when they are not in use.

While the convenience, cost, and performance properties of plastic give it an edge over other alternative materials, the demand for sustainable plastic packaging is on the upswing among environmentally conscious consumers. For companies looking for eco-friendly resources, Alpha Rho is the direct source for sustainable plastics and green packaging.

As the largest manufacturer of high-quality rigid plastic boxes in New England, Alpha Rho has been a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic boxes, with a reputation for providing dependable plastic packaging solutions for over 50 years. Our custom rigid plastic boxes—compartment, hinged, friction fit, custom shapes—are used extensively in multiple industries, such as retail and hobby, food and confectionary, medical, and industrial.

We offer reliable service and delivery to meet your needs during this time of uncertainty. You can check out our list of products here, or request samples today and experience the quality of Alpha Rho’s products first hand.