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Rigid Plastic Boxes with Lids for Jewelry and Candy

Upgrading Opportunities for Your Candy and Jewelry Packaging

As we make our way to the one-year mark of the global pandemic, we find ourselves celebrating holidays differently during lockdown. According to the Nation Retail Federation, even in a pandemic, we spent over a whopping 28.1 billion dollars for Valentine’s Day. People were willing to invest, despite the changes to the holiday season. Lots of companies are wondering how to promote and enhance holiday spirit, and make up for shifts in sales, all while staying safe.

At Alpha RhoUpgrade Your Packaging with Rigid Plastic Boxes, we have the solution. Our rigid plastic boxes and containers come in various shapes and are perfect for containing most items in our sturdy, high-quality polystyrene plastic. People can feel comforted for future holidays with separately packaged items that are also presented decoratively.

Here are some ideas to incorporate for future holidays or to help you promote any leftover product. After all, people are spending lots of extra time with their loved ones, and these are great ideas for any time of year, helping to make the ordinary a special occasion!

Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t like sweet treats to make a special occasion? Whether it’s candy, cookies, or chocolates, our rigid plastic boxes are perfect for showcasing candy and baked goods.

Our heart-shaped plastic boxes make perfect packaging for chocolates and treats with an added sentimental flair. You can trust they’ll make it to your customers safe. Unlike cardboard boxes that can get wet, ripped, or ruined during transit, Alpha Rho’s rigid plastic box options are made using FDA-approved general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS). You’ll minimize the potential exposure of your treats by warding off moisture and airflow with our rigid plastic boxes.

You can use varied-sized boxes to separate sweet treats or have different mixtures. You could put all the chocolates in one box, candy hearts in another, sour gummies in another box, and so on. They are perfect to properly separate sweet treats, making them easier to choose and purchase.

New Jewelry Boxes

Nothing marks an occasion like a unique piece of jewelry. For Valentine’s Day alone, approximately 6 million people get engaged, meaning you can expect lots of jewelry to be bought for Valentine’s Day. It’s never too early to plan for the next retail season for each holiday. With items as important and sentimental as jewelry, people will appreciate packaging that’s durable, reusable, and showcases the item beautifully.

You can add padding, decorative confetti or glitter, or get a theme-shaped box to make the packaging unique and memorable. Plus, the plastic box can be used to store jewelry in the future or be used to protect another sentimental piece. Its durable and reusable nature continues to benefit the end customer.

Creative Uses for Your Customers

These rigid boxes can be sold individually for several creative ways to celebrate your product. Envision how your end customer might utilize them beyond their initial intent and convey that to your market: use creatively in a scavenger hunt with kids or a loved one, create a decorative place setting for a romantic dinner, personalize them for a sweetheart. Be creative when advertising these boxes. Lots of fantastic ideas come from the most basic concepts.

Floral Arrangements 

With spring and Easter approaching, floral and candy arrangements come back in full swing. We’ve covered the candy and sweets, and now it’s time for flowers. If you need sturdy vases for your flower arrangements, Alpha Rho has several options for vase-shaped rigid plastic boxes that can hold your flower arrangements to celebrate the end of winter.

Our 5 1/8” tall round plastic box makes a great lightweight and attractive vase for any occasion. Plus, they’re an inexpensive solution for your business. You just add water and flowers, and you’ve got yourself a vase! Fill it up with polished stones or marbles and create a lovely centerpiece. These are simplistic and durable, yet can add value to your floral arrangements and can be reused by customers.

Use for Samples or Extra Packaging

Deliveries will likely be at an all-time high this year, so why not upgrade your packaging with rigid plastic boxes? If you deliver product to your customers, consider using small rigid plastic boxes to send extra samples to your customers, or use them to showcase a special coupon or promotion.

Think outside the box (pun intended!) when considering ideas. It’s a beautiful opportunity to add something special to your packages. This small detail will help you stand out against your competition.

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