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Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Plastic Box Packaging

Better Branding Through Custom-Printed Plastic Boxes

Whether you’ve made spontaneous personal purchasing decisions in a grocery store check-out line, or given a lot of thought to a product before you pick it off the shelf in the aisle, you’ve likely been influenced by its packaging. Each year, large companies spend millions of dollars, not just on their product packaging, but on how that packaging affects the long-term branding of the products they contain.

ar-hot-stamping-2.jpgWe’ve all been coached about the importance of first impressions at some point in our careers, especially when we are looking to start a career. Do you recall how you were told to “dress for success?” The same concept holds true for how your products are presented to consumers. Your product’s value and relevance is reflected in its packaging. Done well, it positions and brands your product as one of superior quality, thus providing leverage to demand greater margins.

Why Packaging Is Important

The importance of packaging is evident on any given day. White coats characterize doctors—the coat immediately legitimizes their profession. Two people, equally as qualified, show up to an interview: one in a suit, the other in ripped jeans and a tee-shirt. It’s not a stretch to assume that the candidate who took the time to prepare and care about his or her overall presentation may be taken more seriously, has the edge, and gets the job. The same holds true for the products that consumers purchase. Products that are packaged properly convey better quality and reliability of brand. Packaging helps verify that a buyer has invested in a quality product. The silent and subtle assumption on the part of the consumer sounds something like: Why would a company put a low-quality product in a top-notch package? That’s where custom-printed plastic boxes from Alpha Rho come in.

How Our Custom Printing Makes a Difference

Whether you are selling candy, jewelry, hardware, promotional, or other loose or small items, imagine them being presented to the consumer with your logo or other product details embedded into any part of the plastic box that holds them. This process is known as “hot stamping.” To put it simply, hot stamping is a process in which an engraved image or type is transferred to a die and forced down against a flat part of the box with a colored foil sandwiched in between.The area where the die meets the part is where the ink from the foil is left behind.

It can transform your product from being perceived as generic to branded, adding a level of legitimacy to your branding efforts. It’s also interesting to note that paying attention to these details, as any superior branding does, also leaves a favorable impression on companies you are attempting to carry your products through, whether online or through brick-and-mortar locations. Ultimately, branding through custom-printed plastic boxes improves profit margins.

You work hard to create your product—proper, high-quality packaging shouldn’t be seen as an extra step, but an integral part of producing your product and delivering your brand. Contact us at Alpha Rho to discuss your packaging needs, your target audience, and how you want your product and packaging to be perceived. Odds are, we can improve your branding and your profits through custom-printed plastic boxes and containers!

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