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Rigid Plastic Boxes: Protecting Your Product for Valentine’s Day

Ensuring Your Product Is Protected for the Important Occasions

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you know what that means: it’s time to make your product lookProtect Your Products with Rigid Plastic Boxes amazing while protecting it from the damage it can receive while on display. Many businesses find that rigid plastic boxes provide exceptional protection while creating a beautiful display that doesn’t hide their product’s outstanding appearance. From initial packaging to final display and delivery to the end client, these containers provide hardy, attractive, and stable protection for your products, safeguarding your investment and lowering your business’ product losses.

But what kind of products are best displayed in this type of container? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick list to help give you ideas for protecting and displaying your product for the upcoming holiday.


Whether you want to add a bit more to your display of beautiful Valentine’s Day jewelry to add value or need a specific type of box for your handmade artistic creations, rigid plastic boxes deliver strong value. Adding a bit of filler, such as crumpled paper, foam, or fabric behind your jewelry makes it pop, while the clear rigid plastic box allows it to be seen immediately, drawing interest and showing off the quality of the piece.

We offer a range products that help protect your special gift, including these heart-shaped boxes that help to reinforce the emotion behind someone’s gift—whether or not the purchase is made on Valentine’s Day.


Who doesn’t love receiving delicious, indulgent candy for Valentine’s Day? Custom plastic boxes work when you’re packaging up bulk candies to make it more attractive for a memorable display or placing some of your fine, handmade candies into their own container to build appearance, value, freshness, and protection. Rigid plastic boxes preserve your candy’s appearance and flavor while protecting it from being damaged during transit and display time.

When selecting a material for confectionery products, FDA-approved general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS), isClear Packaging Helps Showcase Your Product an excellent choice. The crystal-clear packaging allows your customers to see exactly what’s inside; as well, we offer labeling solutions that support your branding while being clear about what product is being stored. Our rigid plastic boxes also ward off moisture and airflow that can otherwise turn the product stale. Friction-fit and hinged top varieties of GPPS boxes are particularly popular for these products, as the packaging becomes a value-added storage container to use or refill once the candies or treats inside are eaten.

Floral Pieces and Arrangements

Not only is Valentine’s Day coming up very soon, but so is prom and wedding season! The delicate nature of boutonnieres and corsages should be protected in a rigid plastic box, providing a high level of protection without blocking the view of the beautiful floral artwork. They also provide a little bit of protection from thermal shock to the fresh flowers due to higher temperatures later in the year. Once the occasion is over, the plastic box remains as a perfect storage and display solution for the end user’s memories.

We also offer solutions for fresh flower arrangements, such as our 5 1/8” tall round plastic box that provides a light-weight and attractive display case and vase, allowing you to add water to keep your floral arrangements fresher longer.

Small Gifts

Whatever your customers are looking for to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, being able to package and present your products in rigid plastic boxes helps to improve the overall value of your products and improve your business’ bottom line. This helps you sell more items at a higher price point than conventional packaging may allow, improving your business’ profitability during the holiday and long into the remainder of the year. View our full list of products available for ordering and requesting samples to find the best solution for your business and product. Get a start on next year and plan your inventory now!

We’re Here to Help!

By protecting your product in a quality rigid plastic box, you can ensure that your product continues to look fabulous from the time you put it on display until the time it’s unwrapped by the final recipient. This additional layer of protection helps boost sales due to the beauty and strength of the packaging, making it easy to improve your income with the same amount of packaging work. If you need help finding the right packaging for your product, the experienced professionals at Alpha Rho are ready to help. Contact us today with any questions, concerns, or for more information about our product line.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Alpha Rho!

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