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Package Your Halloween Treats Better with Rigid Plastic Boxes

Rigid Plastic Boxes in the Confectionery Industry

alpha-rho-rigid-plastic-boxes-halloween.pngWith Halloween just around the corner, the National Retail Federation is expecting shoppers to splurge a record $2.7 billion on candy purchases this year! However, these sugar-rich products have to survive fluctuations in temperature, humidity in the ambient environment, and product agitation from handling–all before hitting the shelves.

In order to maintain an attractive color and shape, candy packaging must also be carefully selected to offer a mix of durability and consumer allure–a task that rigid plastic boxes are well suited for. Available in a wide variety of sizes, these boxes stack and display easily, all while shielding your candy products from breakage, compression, and moisture-related spoilage and texture issues.

Which Wholesale Plastic Boxes Are Right For My Candy?

When selecting a material for confectionery products, FDA-approved general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS), is an excellent choice. Crystal-clear, it allows your customers to see exactly what’s inside and wards off moisture and airflow that would otherwise turn the product stale. Friction-fit and hinged top varieties of GPPS boxes are particularly popular for these products, as the packaging becomes a value-added storage container to use or refill once the candies or treats inside are eaten. All you need to know to find the right fit is:

  1. Volume for a given measurement of product–ounces or number of pieces
  2. Preferred shape–heart-shapedtreasure chestround top, etc.
  3. Labeling solution that supports your branding–custom printed for individual branding

What’s Wrong with Simply Using Bags or Cardboard Boxes?

alpha-rho-rigid-plastic-boxes-honeycomb.pngA GPPS box not only keeps moisture out, it keeps moisture in as well. Consider a complex product, such as a natural honeycomb. It appeals the most when presented saturated with honey, rather than an empty comb and a bottom full of honey; to do that, you need a box that is roughly the same size and shape as a standard slice of honeycomb. A bag wouldn’t work at all in this case, nor would cardboard or waxed paper containers–the product would be at a risk of contamination and inevitably leak. A GPPS box, on the other hand, keeps the product secure, easy to stack, and visually appealing, until the customer can savor the taste of the golden honey-filled comb.

Rigid plastic boxes aren’t simply a means to display your confectionery product–they’re a smart answer to keeping it attractive and fresh during shipping and storage as well. Find the right fit for your product and you’ll enjoy a happier clientele, better positioning of your product from shelf-view, and potentially even an elevation of brand prestige this holiday season!

As the largest manufacturer of high quality rigid plastic boxes in New England, Alpha Rho has been a leading provider of plastic packaging solutions to the food and confectionary industries for over 50 years. Contact us for recommendations, orders, and assistance finding the perfect look and fit for your products.

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