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5 Things to Consider before Ordering Plastic Packaging Boxes

Order the Right Plastic Packaging by Asking these 5 Questions

rigid-plastic-packaging.jpgRigid plastic boxes are an excellent way to store, protect, and display your product, but taking the time to find the right fit for your packaging needs will give you the best result. Determining the accurate size beforehand, for example, will prevent wasted time and poor fit of your product within.

Before placing your order for wholesale rigid plastic boxes, answer a few questions like these to make sure your selected style is best-suited for your use:

  1. What needs to be stored? In order to determine the right type of storage container, knowing the nature of the items to be stored is key. Are you trying to store perishable items that could get contaminated if they come in contact with air? Or are you looking to store items that require leak-proof packaging? Keeping the properties of your items in mind before ordering your packaging will help you make the right packaging choice.
  2. Does the box need to be colored or transparent? Colorful boxes can help reinforce a brand theme or logo, making the package part of the allure. Clear plastic boxes, on the other hand, give the actual product the spotlight. Think about how your potential customer will interact with your packaging of choice. Is it simply to protect the item while it’s being sold, or will the buyer potentially use it for storage or display after the purchase?
  3. How much does your item weigh? This number could factor into the strength and durability you’ll need from your rigid plastic box, as well as potential shipping weight for eCommerce stores.
  4. Where will the box be stored? If it’s made to be unpacked quickly, for example, small and shelf-ready plastic box designs are a good option. If it’s destined to spend some time on warehouse shelves en route to distributors, you’ll want a package that can offer structural integrity and stack neatly to avoid damage.
  5. What kind of lid do you need? Plastic boxes are typically available in two varieties – hinged, which opens like a treasure chest, and friction fit, where the edges of the lid are smoothly seated inside the edges of the base. Depending on your use, display options, and storage arrangements, you can choose either.

Some additional considerations to keep in mind are how theft deterrent or tamper-resistant your overall packaging solution is, and how easy it is for your retail partners to display your box in the configuration you’d like them to. Your box selection says a great deal about your product at a glance, so use these questions to find the perfect “home” for your customer-facing product.

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