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Product Packaging and Advertising: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

Your Plastic Packaging Can Speak Volumes about Your Product

The hardest part about selling a new product – or selling more of an existing one – is usually getting the word out to your potential consumers.

You can design ad campaigns with catchy slogans, but will they resonate during the moment of truth, when your customer is staring at a store shelf almost ready to make a purchase? Advertising alone usually isn’t enough of a push to close that gap: your product needs to appeal visually, as well.

market-boxes_packaging_products.jpgThis is the point where clever product packaging can act as a marketing godsend, reminding your customers of your value proposition even if they can’t quite recall a component of your ad campaign. Plastic is the go-to material for most packaging needs because it is FDA compliant, low-cost, X-ray resistant, free from odor and taste, and easy to process.

It’s All Part and Literal Parcel

When you’re bringing your product to market or improving upon your market presence, don’t think about your marketing and your product packaging separately, budget-wise. With the right guidance, your packaging can speak just as loudly for your product as any traditional advertising method.

Consider the colors used in your plastic packaging, not just from a cost perspective – for instance, 2 color inserts versus 4 color inserts – but also from that of visibility. Getting an affordable packaging solution doesn’t have to mean skipping out on visual payoff: mock up several versions of shelf-ready packaging with your packaging supplier to see which is the most eye-catching. Custom colors and tints are an excellent choice to make your packaging unique.

At Alpha Rho, the largest manufacturer of a wide assortment of stock and custom clear polystyrene lid and hinged plastic boxes in New England, we encourage you to request samples so that you can decide the best look for your product. Custom colors and tints can be produced on request are an excellent choice to make your packaging unique.

Build It Up

Packaging doesn’t have to be presented in a single layer, either. Nested boxes, for example, protect the product during transit and display and allow for an engaging presentation for your end consumer. Choose a packaging partner that provides you with a wide range of size and shape options.

Multi-box packaging, compartmentalizing or choosing between friction-fit and hinged boxes can give your product an enhanced feel, helping to differentiate it from competitors. One of the most affordable ways to get memorable packaging is customizing a base plastic box with paper materials such as inserts, tags, slipcovers and labels. The use of colorful foam inserts in pad printing and hot stamping can also lend a special touch to your packaging. These approaches give you the most flexibility, should you ever wish to change your package appearance, text, colors, or introduce a new product to your lines.

What does your plastic packaging say about your product? With the right choices in wholesale packaging design, it can say volumes without ever speaking a word. Alpha Rho manufactures a wide assortment of stock and custom clear polystyrene lid and hinged plastic boxes for food handling, packaging, and storage applications. Do you know what kind of rigid plastic box is best suited for your needs? Take a look at all the options we have to offer and make sure to request free samples!