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Protect Your Fragile Items in our Rigid Plastic Boxes

Does your business sell delicate, breakable items or do you have fragile components for products, or small items that could easily be lost, that need to be shipped? If your products include items that need protective packaging, our rigid plastic boxes can be the perfect solution for shipping, display, and storage.

At Alpha Rho we manufacture a variety of rigid plastic boxes —  compartmenthingedfriction fit,  and custom shapes—which are used extensively in multiple industries, such as retail and hobby, food and confectionery, health (both medical and dental), and industrial. Designed to last, these plastic boxes are lightweight and sturdy, and easy to stack making them a great shipping and storage option for a variety of applications. Here are just a few…

Small Electronic Items

Electrical components work well with rigid plastic boxes. A few years ago, we added an anti-stat material that wards off electrical currents for our customers who use our packaging for sensitive electronic products. This has become very popular. For example, one client uses our boxes to ship lenses for supermarket scanners. Another client ships microtech components in them (see images below).


Yet another client does a lot of polishing of metal samples for electron microscopy and microanalysis. They issue our boxes to their users for sample storage. They also use the boxes for their materials reference collection and spare parts O-ring collection.



Rigid plastic boxes help protect jewelry from degrading over time. Through sustained exposure, Sulphur and other airborne chemicals can cause precious metals to tarnish. By storing jewelry in a compartment box, or other type of rigid plastic box, it will be protected from harmful environmental factors and keep your special jewelry pieces shining for years to come.

Whether you want to add a bit more to your display of beautiful jewelry to add value or need a specific type of box for your handmade artistic creations, rigid plastic boxes deliver strong value. Adding a bit of filler, such as foam, or fabric behind your jewelry makes it pop, while the clear rigid plastic box allows it to be seen immediately, drawing interest and showing off the quality of the piece.

Compartment boxes make it easy to group jewelry by color, size, material, or type—allowing for simple access and visual distinction. We also carry custom heart-shaped boxes that help to reinforce the emotion behind someone’s gift.


Dental Apparatus (shipped by dental labs)

All medical industries require reliable and safe products for equipment, implants, and more, and the dental and orthodontics industry is no exception. An article written by the American Dental Association (ADA) speaks of concerns about the bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis and its role in some systemic diseases and conditions. The Mayo Clinic tells us that oral health is a window to our overall health. Clearly, cleanliness and proper hygiene and maintenance matter at a personal level, and in professional settings such as dental offices. Whether it’s dentures, retainers, or cleaning instruments, any given office will have fragile equipment or products that need to be protected, maintained, and properly stored.

Alpha Rho’s rigid plastic boxes are FDA approved and provide a clean and transparent storage solution that makes it easy to find necessary equipment and sort small items. Boxes can be branded or labeled easily, adding a professional touch to your storage solutions.

Our boxes offer secure closures and durable packaging, and because these boxes can be easily sanitized and are made of rigid plastic material, they can be reused as needed or provided as a take-home storage solution for patients. There is also the option of adding foam pads, providing additional protection for the more delicate dental fixtures.

Alpha Rho offers a number of products that can fit the needs of your dental or orthodontics office. Our plastic hinged boxes (#21 and #44, to be exact) have already been utilized in this industry and are available today!

Specialty / Homemade Delicate Candy

Placing your fine, handmade candies into their own container enhances appearance, value, freshness, and protection. Rigid plastic boxes preserve your delicate candy’s appearance and flavor while protecting it from being damaged during transit and display time.

Our boxes are made out of FDA-compliant, non-toxic, general-purpose polystyrene (GPPS)—which is widely used in the confection industries and renowned for its food-safe properties. In addition to being safe for consumables, our boxes will also enhance the life of your edible products due to the airtight design blocking out moisture and ensuring freshness. Friction-fit and hinged top varieties of GPPS boxes are particularly popular for these products.

The packaging also becomes a value-added storage container to use or refill once the candies or treats inside are eaten. And our heart-shaped plastic boxes make perfect packaging for chocolates and treats with an added sentimental flair.


Rocks, Minerals & Gemstones

Our rigid plastic boxes with dividers and foam inserts are a practical and inexpensive storage option that provides protection for minerals and gemstones.

Gemstones have different hardness factors and can scratch each other over time. Some gemstones are also sensitive to environmental conditions or chip easily and shouldn’t be left casually exposed. Our rigid plastic boxes are a great option for protecting and displaying these prized investments.

Every time a mineral specimen is moved is a chance for damage. Mineral specimens need to be wrapped very carefully, ideally each specimen individually. If a specimen is particularly fragile, individual steps must be taken to transport it, and all sorts of techniques may be used. For typical specimens, paper towel and then newspaper will sometimes suffice, but our rigid plastic boxes are ideal for this purpose.

Although we think of “rocks” as durable things, many minerals are incredibly fragile, and many are also very soft or otherwise surprisingly vulnerable. Crystals of some minerals, for example gypsum, are so soft that a fingernail will easily scratch them.

Mineral specimens should be housed in enough space that they are separated from one another. Our compartment boxes are a great option for this, along with individual boxes that are lined with foam.

In addition to all the above, sometimes rocks, minerals and gemstones are small and can easily be lost. Storing each small specimen in its own compartment or box greatly lessens the chance that a priceless item will be misplaced.

Hobby & Trade Use

Clear rigid plastic boxes are excellent for displaying samples or organizing small items in a retail setting. They’re also a convenient way to protect and showcase delicate collectibles, such as trading cards, coins, and stamps. Clear rigid plastic boxes allow items to be viewed without exposing them to direct handling and allow for easier storage over time. And, as we discuss below, if your hobby is more about making than buying/collecting something, we offer packaging to store the items used in the production of your creation.

Craft Items

The number of people involved in crafting seems to be growing daily. Our rigid plastic packaging from Alpha Rho is a terrific solution for displaying and protecting hand-crafted jewelry, hair bows and ribbons, scrapbooking pieces, and other items. Our boxes ensure that craft pieces are easily stored, displayed, and wrapped. The rigid plastic box can even become part of the art piece itself with Alpha Rho’s expansive customization options. Beautiful, well-crafted items are even more impressive when packaged in attractive rigid plastic boxes and are must-carry items for craft supply stores.

We’re Here to Help

By protecting your delicate products in a quality rigid plastic box, you can ensure that your product continues to look fabulous from the time you put it on display until the time it’s unwrapped by the final recipient. This additional layer of protection helps boost sales due to the beauty and strength of the packaging, making it easy to improve your income with the same amount of packaging work. If you need help finding the right packaging for your product, the experienced professionals at Alpha Rho are ready to help.

Contact us for recommendations, orders, and assistance finding the perfect look and fit for your products.